Fox News Honors Deceased Employee In Incredible Way

Fox News Personality Charles Krauthammer passed away earlier this year and Fox News has found an incredible way to honor his legacy.

The number 1 rated news network is teaming up with the National Merit Scholarship Program setup a scholarship in rememberance of Krauthammer. It will benefit children of Fox News employees.

Deadline Hollywood Reports:

The scholarship honoring the Pulitzer-winning columnist who died in June will award winners $2,000 per college year for a maximum of four years. All aspects of the program, including the selection of winners and the administration of their awards, will be conducted through the National Merit Scholarship Program by the nonprofit National Merit Scholarship Corp. Applications will be accepted by NMSC through March 31, 2019, and winners will be announced in spring 2020.

“Charles was a beloved member of the Fox News family, but more importantly, he was an incredible mentor and role model for millions of Americans across the country,” Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott said. “We are proud to honor Charles, his legacy, impact and countless contributions with a new scholarship program enabling the next generation of thought leaders the opportunity and education they need to reach their dreams.”

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