Fox News Hosts Wreck MSNBC’s Joy Reid After She Calls Trump Supporters ‘Racial’ Cult Of Personality

Fox News hosts Ed Henry and Howard Kurtz blasted MSNBC’s Joy Reid on Sunday after she suggested that Trump support was simply a ‘racial and religious cult of personality.’ 

As The Daily Wire reports:

Reid stated in part: “There’s a lot of evidence that is a racial and religious cult of personality in which his base is solidly among the white evangelicals that almost worship him and say that he’s the chosen one of God.”

Kurtz then asked Henry why Reid would use the term “racial … especially from somebody who often accuses, like many of her fellow liberal pundits, the president of being racially divisive?” 

Henry then said the following:

I don’t understand why she injected race. I don’t think race applies. Certainly, the vast majority of the president’s supporters are white, but I think we’ve seen in recent weeks and months he’s making a strong play for more and more black voters. We’ll see if he’s successful – but when you have black unemployment at historic lows right now and you have a president who’s trying to reach out to people of all backgrounds and say, “I want your vote, I need your vote,” I just don’t understand why race is part of the conversation.

It just doesn’t apply, and I think some people like to project themselves, their own anger at the president, their own criticism, and read into what he’s doing or saying rather than just focusing on what he’s actually doing instead of projecting, “This is what he really means! We’re gonna divine it!”

Reid’s constant race baiting, especially toward a President that has record approval ratings amoung minorities, should be stunning and horrifying. But unfortunately in our current era of fake news it appears that it isn’t.


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