George Clooney’s Sister-in-Law Blasted After Selling ‘Luxury’ Coronavirus Masks


The sister-in-law of actor George Clooney, Tala Alamuddin, is under fire after attempting to profit off of the Coronavirus pandemic by selling “”luxury” Coronavirus masks. As The New York Post reports:

George Clooney‘s sister-in-law Tala Alamuddin is selling luxury, non-medically approved face masks and hand sanitizer pouches for over $30 each on her fashion website, which in these times of immediate need will be ready in just 8 to 12 weeks.

“I think it’s completely tone-deaf and tacky for her to be exploiting the coronavirus just to make a profit,” one disdaining critic wrote to us, saying it’s “wrong for her to try and make a face mask some trendy new fashion accessory. Those masks will do absolutely nothing from protecting people. She’s using people’s fear to make money, and it’s disgusting.”

The $33 face mask, which appears to have no medical benefits, is called “Le Masque” and comes in different colors, leopard and camouflage prints, and denim.

“In our ever-changing world, WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED: some comfortable (and chic) coverage goes a long way,” reads the product description. “The luxury face coverup that offers protection with flair … Le Masque is designed with the natural curves of your face in mind, to give you a snugger fit. Whatever you’re up to, let’s face it together.”


While  Alamuddin attempted to defend the move, many commenters simply found the decision utterly shameless. 

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