Here Are The Celebrities That Passed Away In 2019-2

Fatima Ali

(Screenshot via Youtube)

Top chef Star Fatima Ali passed away of cancer after battling the desires for years. 

Kristoff St. John

(Screenshot via Youtube)

Soap Opera star Kristoff St. John passed away due to heart disease early in 2019. He stared in the famous Soap Opera “The Young & the Restless“.

Albert Finney

(Screenshot via Youtube)

Famed British Actor Albert Finney was best known for his work in films such as “Tom Jones” and “Skyfall“.

Lee Radziwill

(Screenshot via Youtube)

Lee Radzwill was an icon of New York City society and style, she passed away following a series of health setbacks in 2019. 

Karl Lagerfeld

(Screenshot via Youtube)

World-Renowned Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld passed away following a battle with cancer. 

Peter Tork

(Screenshot via Youtube)

Legendary bassist and singer for the Monkees passed away earlier this year after battling a rare form of cancer for 10 years. 

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