Hillary Clinton Flies To Italy To Participate In ‘Art’ Exhibit On Her Emails

Former Democrat Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton made a bizarre visit to an Italian art exhibit that featured printed copies of her emails. As Breitbart reports:

Former 2016 Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton spent nearly an hour sifting through emails as part of an art exhibit in Venice, Italy.

The former Democrat nominee is shown looking through more than 60,000 pages of emails printed out and placed in large stacks on a makeshift presidential resolute desk for an exhibit called, “HILLARY: The Hillary Clinton Emails,” by artist Kenneth Goldsmith.



Goldsmith told HuffPost Clinton’s visit to the exhibit was a complete surprise, while Ragazzi and other organizers thought her showing up was a joke…

All the emails on the desk were sent in printed format from the domain name clintonemail.com between 2009 and 2013, according to a description of the exhibit from the co-organizer Zuecca Projects.

Hillary has turned into a truly pathetic human being who still can’t get over her historic and humiliating defeat at the hands of  Donald Trump. This latest embarassing episode is merely further proof of what we already knew.

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