Hollywood Doubles Down On Russia Conspiracy Theory After Epstein’s Suicide

Hollywood isn’t taking the news about Jeffrey Epstein committing suicide in his jail cell very well. They’re now blaming it on, you guessed it, the “Trump/Russia” conspiracy. As Breitbart reports:

Some Hollywood figures let the Russia and Trump conspiracy theories fly on the news that convicted pedophile and accused child sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his Metropolitan Correctional Center prison cell on Saturday morning, after he had reportedly been taken off of suicide watch.

“Vlad” said actor Ron Perlman, a clear reference to Russian President Vladimir Putin.


Showtime’s Billions creator Brian Koppelman wasn’t as coy as Perlman, writing “Epstein suicide. Sure. Seems likely. Probably what happened. Hey, folks, we’re Russia now. Enjoy it.”




Far-left Hollywood once again cannot deal with the facts and is now retreating into pure fantasy.



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