Hollywood Stars Demand Justice Kavanaugh Be Removed

Hollywood celebrities took to twitter over the weekend to demand the removal of conservative Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. As Breitbart reports:

Hollywood took to social media on Sunday and called for the impeachment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh following a New York Times report that a collage classmate claims he saw Kavanaugh “with his pants down at a different drunken dorm party, where friends pushed his penis into the hand of a female student.”

“One of Trump’s Supreme Court appointments sits in a stolen seat. The other has sexually assaulted women and committed perjury about it. So there’s that,” said left-wing Hollywood director Rob Reiner.


The new allegation against Justice Kavanaugh “echoes” a claim, the Times reported, made against him last year by Deborah Ramirez. Ramirez alleged that as a drunken Yale University freshman, Brett Kavanaugh “exposed himself at a drunken dormitory party.” She also admitted to having “significant gaps in her memories” regarding the alleged encounter. Ramirez’s college best friend also told the Times that she had “never heard of” the incident in question.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell chimed in on Sunday, saying “Fortunately a majority of Senators and the American people rallied behind timeless principles such as due process and the presumption of innocence. I look forward to many years of service to come from Justice Kavanaugh.”


Conservatives should be grateful they have leaders like Mitch McConnell and President Trump who are willing to stand up to the unhinged calls to impeach an upstanding conservative justice based on nothing more than unsubstantiated rumors. 

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