Hunter Biden Ordered To Hand Over Five Years Of Financial Records

Hunter Biden has now been offically ordered by the judge overseeing his paternity battle with the Arkansas woman who is accusing him of being the father of her child to hand over five years of financial records.

The records will include information on exactly how much he was paid by a Ukrainian oil company he sat on the board of, and for which his father Joe Biden has been under intense scrutiny for by the Trump administration.

As The Daily Mail reports:

Hunter Biden will have to tell the judge in his paternity case exactly how many hundreds of thousands of dollars he made by controversially sitting on the board of an Ukrainian oil company, can disclose.

And Lunden Roberts, the woman who claims the son of former vice-president Joe Biden is the father of her 16-month-old child will have to reveal how much she made in tips as a stripper at the Mpire Club in Washington, D.C., where the two met…

He gave both Biden, 49, and Roberts, 28, just 10 days to come up with their financial details…

Biden served on the board of the Ukrainian oil company Burisma from April 2014 to April 2019 — almost exactly the time that McSpadden wants the information.

Biden is rumored to have made up to $500,000 a year during his time at the controversial foreign company.

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