Hunter Biden’s Crackpipe, Stolen Identities Take Center Stage In Paternity Case

Hunter  Biden’s notorious ‘crack pipe’ as well as a new found scandal involving stolen identities has now been dragged into his ongoing paternity case. As The Daily Mail reports:

Hunter Biden’s ‘crack pipe’ crisis in Arizona has been dragged into his paternity case, as he’s accused of having a history of using stolen identities to conceal his location, according to legal papers obtained by

Private eye Dominic Casey filed a notice of identity theft on Monday morning, as the Orlando, Florida-based investigator seeks to be made a party in Biden’s case with his baby mama Lunden Roberts in Independence County, Arkansas. 

Casey rehashed the scandal of Biden, 49, leaving his rental car in Prescott, Arizona in October 2016, and calling Hertz to pick it up. Among the items authorities found in the car were a glass pipe, cocaine residue and his deceased brother Beau Biden’s Delaware Attorney General badge.

No charges were ever brought against Biden because local prosecutors said there was a lack of evidence that the pipe had been used by him, due to no fingerprints being found.  

It seems Hunter’s problems just keep piling up, yet the liberal media has stayed mostly silence on his continuing scandals. Almost as if they are trying to purposefully aid his father’s Democratic Presidential bid. 


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