Internet Search Begins For Identity Of Viral Video Star ‘Peloton Girl’

The hunt is now on for the identity of the star of an advertisement, which has now gone viral, from the Peloton company. 

As The New York Post reports:

After Peloton released its widely panned Christmas ad this week, conversation around the commercial switched from “This poor woman!” to “Who is this poor woman?”

The cult-favorite stationary bike company received backlash over its 30-second ad, “The Gift That Gives Back,” since the gift was a $2,245 bicycle from a seemingly image-obsessed husband. The gift back was, apparently, a fitter wife for the “sexist” spouse.

And while the criticism was fierce, the need to identify the actress in the Peloton commercial was far fiercer. Across all social media platforms, internet sleuths dug for the answer. Many compared her to “Shameless” actress Emmy Rossum, “with a little Jessica Alba thrown in,” one desperate Redditor wrote.

Another user commented, “I wanna know who she is! I can’t stop looking at her.”

The credits for the commercial do not give the actresses name and the company hasn’t responded to requests for comments. 

Thus the quest for the true identity of the new star who has stolen the hearts of countless internet users continues to be a mystery.


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