Jane Fonda Claims Those Who Aren’t On Board With Radical Left Wing Climate Change Agenda Should Be Tried Like Nazi War Criminals

Far left actress Jane Fonda has now claimed that people not on board with the radical left’s climate change agenda should be tried like Nazi war criminals. As The Daily Wire reports:

Irony has no greater example than this: actress Jane Fonda, who infamously posed with the North Vietnamese Viet Cong during the Vietnam war, now says “climate criminals,” (read: oil company executives and politicians who do not embrace the climate change agenda) should be treated like Nazi war criminals who were given a Nuremberg-style trial.

Fonda has been making news of late by getting herself arrested weekly to protest climate change. But now she’s gone a step further; as Karen Townsend of HotAir reports; in an interview with Michael Moynihan on Viceland’s “The Impeachment Show,” Fonda asserted that oil executives and enabling politicians “should all be tried for crimes against humanity and nature,” prompting Moynihan to ask, “So, you want to see sort of a Nuremberg trial for climate criminals?” Fonda replied, “Yeah, I would.”


Townsend noted, “In Jane Fonda’s utopia, oil and gas industry workers will magically be moved into other jobs and these will be union jobs. Never mind that the oil and gas industry isn’t currently unionized. She’s on a mission to usher in socialism one way or the other.”

Fonda pontificated, sounding like an 81-year-old version of teenage climate alarmist Greta Thunberg.

Fonda is an unhinged extremist who has already betrayed her country. The truly terrifying thing however is that she is far from the only person in the Democrat party who holds this insane views.

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