Joy Behar Claims That She’s The ‘Poster Child’ For Democratic ‘Socialism’

‘View ‘ co-host Joy Behar announced that she was the ‘poster child’ for “Democratic Socialism.” As Fox News reports:

“The View” host Joy Behar attempted to promote Democratic socialism on Tuesday by labeling herself a “poster child” for the doctrine.

“I am the poster child for what they call Democratic socialism. Unemployment insurance saved me many times. I’ve been fired several times,” she said.

After the audience laughed, Behar cited how she received both Medicare and Social Security. “Thank you very much,” she said, raising her hands.

“I went to college for free. I have a master’s degree that they paid for,” she said, apparently referring to the government. “Now, that’s what Democratic socialism is. It’s not that the government is going to own all of the industries.”

Behar went on to praise Democrat senator Elizabeth Warren and voice her support for Joe Biden.


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