Justin Bieber Launches 20 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Sexual Assault Accusers

Pop superstar Justin Bieber has decided to launch a 20 million dollar lawsuit against two Twitter users over sexual assault accusations that made against him.

Bieber claims he has hard evidence verifying that the allegations are baseless lies.

As The Daily Mail reports:

Justin Bieber is taking legal action against two Twitter users who claimed in social media posts that he sexually assaulted them…

The singer, 26, has filed suit against accounts belonging to Danielle and Kadi who each alleged they’d been were victims, in 2014 and 2015, respectively.

In legal documents, Bieber states he has ‘indisputable documentary evidence’ to prove the sexual assault claims are ‘outrageous, fabricated lies’, TMZ reported on Thursday.

The Sorry hitmaker claims the tweets by Danielle and Kadi are ‘malicious’ in that they appear to be a coordinated effort to tarnish his reputation.



  1. Good. Go get ’em Justin. They should go to jail for as long as the man would if convicted. High time to realize that women lie too.

    • ABSOLUTELY!!! I, for one, am sick and tired of these low-life gold-diggers making an accusation and we’re supposed to just believe them? NOT!!!! I thought filing a false police was a felony? Time these poor excuses for females did some hard time!!

    • You don’t even know if it true or not! So why are you going after these women? I don’t think it is but he had women all over him so who knows!

  2. He is using money to have his say. Judge should have him put up or get to pay the women what he wants. Men also lie about their sex lies.

  3. When woman lie, they need to held responsible. Maybe with lawsuit and Justin going after these liers, that people will think twice about this BS. WY too many lives have been ruined because of of things like this.


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