Kaepernick is Now Paying For People to Protest Trump

Colin Kaepernick, the controversial quarterback who tossed the NFL into a national furor when he protested the national anthem, said that he’s donating to groups to help the oppressed. Among those groups is an organization that sends DREAM act recipients to protest in Washington D.C. for the beleaguered amnesty act, and disrupted travelers at a Trump Hotel.

ESPN’s Adam Shefter reported the donation Thursday from his social media account.

“Colin Kaepernick Foundation has donated another $100,000 to DREAM, Coalition For The Homeless, War on Children, and United We Dream,” he said. Kaepernick’s website proudly listed that some of the money he donated would go to organize illegal aliens who received “DREAM act” deferrals and send them to Washington D.C. to protest to protect the law.

“10k for upcoming travel,” it read. “Air, hotel, lodging, and ground transportation. United We Dream recently held event in Washington DC and sent 300 dreamers to lobby to keep DACA. This budget will pay for 75-100 attendees for a similar rally upcoming.”


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