Kathy Griffin Goes After Trump Again

Kathy Griffin returned to the stage Sunday night wearing a mask of President Donald Trump while flipping off the crowd, Fox News reported Monday.

In a video share by Hollywood Reporter’s Chris Gardner, the 56-year-old comedian walks out on stage at the Los Angeles Drag Show wearing the mask and mocking the president.

“Making first public appearance, @kathygriffin takes stage at LA drag show wearing @realDonaldTrump mask, waving middle fingers in air,” Gardner captioned the clip. 

At one point during the video, Griffin takes a knee while raising her fist in the air donning the Trump mask before ripping it off. She also joked about being on the “no-fly list” and getting “death threats.” It was the first time the comedian has performed in public since she had to apologize after posing for a picture holding up a fake severed Trump head earlier this summer. Griffin has since taken back that apology.


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