Late-Night Host Dry Heaves While Talking About Trump

The popular topic of the evening among late-night hosts on Wednesday was the latest development in the ongoing saga between porn star Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump, and this latest bit of news made caused a (feigned) physical reaction of disgust from “Late Late Show” host James Corden a little sick.

As you may know, Trump is accused of having an affair with Daniels and then paid her ahead of the 2016 election to remain quiet about it. The story has been steadily growing, but this week it exploded when Daniels filed suit against Trump, claiming that the non-disclosure agreement between the two was “invalid” since Trump never signed it.

And, just to take this to a whole new level, Daniels’ suit contains the full details of the agreement. Of particular note is the part where it says that Daniels came into possession of “confidential information” in the form of text and photos. The widespread interpretation of that bit is that, well, there are nude pictures of Donald Trump floating around.

Naturally, Corden had some things to say about this Wednesday night.


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