Leftists Attack Melania After She Unveils White House Christmas Decor

Melania Trump unveiled the White House’s brand new Christmas decor in a charming video on Twitter, and, unsurprisingly, leftists weren’t happy about it.

As The Daily Wire reports:

In a manner as barefaced as the snow is white, the Melania haters are hating like they never hated before this Christmas. Over at Refinery 29, Leah Carroll complained that this year’s decorations had a bland nicety to them, leaving her pining for “last year’s blood-icicle trees and 2017’s spooky ice queen aesthetic.”

“My hopes were very, very high for something equally ghastly,” lamented Carroll. “But a video of the first lady guiding us through the People’s House reveals a distinctly less dystopian take on the season this time around. Is the War on Christmas real? Because I feel attacked by all this bland niceness!”…

Whoever saw fit to suppress Melania’s natural inclination to turn tree-trimming into an expression of the bottomless void in her soul had their work cut out for them,” Carroll wrote. “It appears that the first lady might have taken design control in the East Colonnade, where silver stars, their points sharpened to a glinting razor’s edge, float menacingly above lit glass panels. Looks dangerous! I like it!”…

Anti-Trump late night host Jimmy Kimmel also got in on the action as well.

“I get the feeling she’s trying to tell us something. I just can’t figure out what it is,” Kimmel told his audience after he shared a video of Melania Trump’s rose decorations spelling out the words “Help Me.”


Leftists will seemingly take any chance they can get to attack Melania and her family, even over something as simple as Christmas decorations. This makes sense as Melania is the emodiment of everything they hate: a beautiful, successful conservative woman.


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