Legendary ‘Marlboro Man’ Bob Norris Dies At 90

The legendary original ‘Marlboro Man’ Bob Norris, who was a longtime friend of acting legend John Wayne, has passed away at the age of 90. As Fox News reports:

The original Marlboro Man died this week at his Colorado Springs ranch at the ripe old age of 90 — likely because he never actually smoked cigarettes.

Bob Norris was an actor, rancher and dad who played the role of a smoking cowboy on billboards, TV and the pages of magazines for 12 years.


Ad execs first tracked the rugged Colorado native down at his 63,000-acre Tee Cross Ranches in Pueblo, after seeing a photo of him in a newspaper, alongside his longtime pal John Wayne, his son, Bobby, told WKYT in Colorado Springs…

Norris quit the business suddenly — after realizing he was setting a bad example for his two daughters and two sons.

Norris lived a truly remarkable and accomplishment filled life and was an icon of the rugged American spirit.


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