Leonardo DiCaprio’s Much Younger Girlfriend Tries To Defend 23 Year Age Gap Between The Two

Actor and far-left climate change activist Leonardo DiCaprio’s much younger girlfriend, Camila Morrone, attempted to defend the massive 23 year age gap between the two. 

As The New York Post reports:

Model-turned-actress Camila Morrone isn’t bothered by the 23-year age gap between herself and boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio.

“There’s so many relationships in Hollywood — and in the history of the world — where people have large age gaps,” Morrone, 22, told the Los Angeles Times about her Oscar-winning beau, 45. “I just think anyone should be able to date who they want to date.”

While the young beauty chooses to ignore those who don’t approve, she does understand the general interest fans have in Leo’s love life, saying, “I probably would be curious about it, too.”


Morrone went on to share her hope that new movie “Mickey and the Bear” will help create a public persona for her outside of her superstar boyfriend.

The couple and their 23 year age gap went public in January of 2018, during the same time period that DiCaprio became much more outspoken in promoting extreme left-wing climate change talking points.

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