Michael Douglas Claims Father, Acting Legend Kirk Douglas’s Last Words Were An Endorsement Of Michael Bloomberg

Actor Michael Douglas, during the opening of a new campaign office for Democrat Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, claimed that his late father, legendary actor Kirk Douglas’s last words where actually an endorsement of the candidate: ‘Mike can get it done.’

The remarks were blasted by many observers who saw the remarks as a shameless and tasteless attempt on Douglas’s behalf to use his late father’s recent death as a way to benefit his preferred candidate.

As The New York Post reports:

A day after burying his 103-year-old father, Douglas, 75, was in Madison on Saturday for the opening of the Bloomberg campaign’s second office in the state.

When Bloomberg announced he was running for president on Nov. 24, Douglas said, his dad was excited about his prospects.

“I don’t know if he was pulling my leg or not, but one of the last words that he said in the hospital, when he came and he saw me, asked me to lean over close to him, and I leaned over close to him and he said, ‘Mike can get it done,’” Douglas told attendees about his dad, WKOW reported.

The Academy Award winner said Bloomberg has “a proven record.”

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1 year ago

Poor Kirk! “Woke” ’till the end!

Terry Roberts
Terry Roberts
1 year ago

That is sad. I was a fan, but now knowing his thinking changes my opinion!