Movie Superstar Tyler Perry Offers To Cover Expenses For American Couple Stranded In Mexico

Movie titan Tyler Perry has decided to reach out to a couple that became stranded in Mexico and offer to pay for their medical expenses.

The couple became stranded after one of them fell into a coma while on a cruise ship.

As Breitbart reports:

Stephen Johnson was a passenger on a Carnival cruise ship when he fell into a coma last week due to pancreatitis and diabetes. The cruise ship’s medical staff was forced to take Johnson and his fiancé, Tori Austin, to a Centro Medico Americano hospital in the Mexican port city of Progreso.

Unfortunately, the couple does not have medical insurance and also did not take out any travel insurance, and they do not have the money to pay the expensive bills for the care. After rejecting a payment plan, the hospital decided to lock the couple in Stephen’s hospital room until some arrangement to pay the bill was approved.

The Atlanta, Georgia, couple, though, can rest easier, now, with the help of actor and media mogul Tyler Perry, TMZ reported.

Tyler Perry, whose film empire is based in Atlanta, reportedly tried to call the hospital over the phone and get them to charge the bill to his credit card. But the hospital was apparently wary of the attempt and refused to follow through with the charge.


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