NBA Coach Does Not Like Military Displays At Games

NBA coach Steve Kerr of the Golden State Warriors stated recently that he feels “patronized” by the “nationalistic” feel of the military displays at NBA games.

According to Fox News:

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr reportedly said he has mixed feelings about some of the “nationalistic” military displays at sporting events, cautioning the widespread practice runs the risk of making fans feel like they’re “being patronized.”

Kerr, 53, told NBC Sports he found the displays “really inspiring” for the most part. But the outspoken coach said he sometimes feels conflicted watching the pageantry.

“Sometimes, it’s really inspiring,” he said. “You see a mother and daughter or a father and son reconnected after a tour of duty, and everybody gets emotional. And sometimes it feels like we’re being patronized. Like this is being used. We’re just playing a sport here, and it feels sort of nationalistic, if that makes sense. So we are kind of wandering down a dicey path on this front.”

Kerr told NBC Sports he believed the 9/11 attacks “spurred a strong military dynamic” that primarily manifested at sporting events.

The coach did say he understands that voicing his opinion could cause pushback. But the coach is entitled to his opinion.


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