New York State Warns Infowars Host Alex Jones Over Selling Fake Anti-Coronavirus Toothpaste


New York State’s Attorney General has sent a ‘cease and desist’ letter to Infowars host Alex Jones over the online personality’s attempt to sell fake ‘anti-Coronavirus’ toothpaste. 

As The Daily Wire reports:

According to the Huffington Post, Jones made a claim about the “nanosilver” inside of his toothpaste brand, which he has claimed kills viruses in the coronavirus and SARS family.

“The patented nanosilver we have, the Pentagon has come out and documented and Homeland Security has said this stuff kills the whole SARS-corona family at point-blank range,” Jones said on-air Tuesday. “They’re still discounted despite all the hell breaking loose.”

In a statement to The New York Times, Attorney General Letitia James said that the cease-and-desist notice was designed to halt people from profiting off of lies during the health crisis.

“As the coronavirus continues to pose serious risks to public health, Alex Jones has spewed outright lies and has profited off of New Yorkers’ anxieties,” said James.

The FDA has reportedly also sent out several similar ‘cease and desist’ letters to other companies which are attempting to promote fake ‘anti-Coronavirus’ products.

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