NY Times Reporter: College Students Being Turned Into Wusses

After being heavily criticized for her latest column, Bari Weiss can count New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters as a supporter of her work.

In the closing moments of “Morning Joe” Thursday, Peters said he wasn’t a fan of the growing rise of microaggressions on college campuses and said it was turning the next generation of Americans into wimps.

“Just think about the way people on college campuses talk about speech, as a form of aggression,” he said. “That term microaggression, that you are actually wounding someone. It’s just — it’s totally changed the way that we interact with one another and really I think made wusses out of our college kids.”

Just moments earlier, the show welcomed Weiss herself, who offered a passionate defense of her latest Times column, “We’re All Fascists Now,”which addressed many of the same themes. Weiss was heavily criticized on social media over the piece, with most of the criticism focusing on her mistakenly linking to a bogus Antifa account.


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