Patriotic Action Film ‘Midway’ Tops Weekend Box Office

The epic World War 2 action film ‘Midway’ managed to top the Hollywood box office over veterans day weekend. As Fox News reports:

Down nearly 27 percent from last year, the sluggish weekend allowed for a few big surprises however. The biggest surprise was the fact that the Roland Emmerich film “Midway,” which slightly overperformed, snagged the first-place spot over Warner Bros.’

“Doctor Sleep,” a film that came in well under expectations and has left many in the business scratching their heads as to why.

Lionsgate on Sunday estimated that “Midway” earned $17.5 million from 3,242 screens. The studio acquired the film about the Battle of Midway that features a large ensemble cast including Nick Jonas and Patrick Wilson.

“As expected, everyone is ecstatic,” said David Spitz, Lionsgate’s president of domestic distribution.

It’s no surprise that a film that both honors veterans and emphasizes American heroism under fire would do so well with filmgoers.


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