Reason Behind Young Country Singer, Kylie Rae Harris’s Death Revealed: Drunk Driving While Speeding At 102 MPH

The true cause of 30 year old Kylie Rae Harris’s tragic death in September of 2019 has now been revealed.

It appears that the singer had a blood alcohol level over three times the legal limit and was driving at 102 mph during the time of the car crash that took her life. 

As The Daily Mail reports:

The 30-year-old singer had been speeding at 102mph on a highway in New Mexico in September.

Harris ended up clipping the car in front of her and careened into the path of oncoming traffic. 

Earlier in the day, in a video that was posted to her Instagram account, Harris could be seen getting teary and emotional after driving for 12 hours. In some parts of the video, she was slurring her words…

An autopsy has revealed Harris had a blood-alcohol content of .28 at the time of the collision – more than three times the legal limit. Cruz had no alcohol in her system.


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2 months ago

We’ve loved your music and your concert performances but I’d you do this name change stupidity think a minute about where the Dixie chicks are today (have been for years). We’re country and we are american and that includes everybody that are citizens. Don’t be cow-tied to some mythical 1619 NYTs plan to overthrow the USA. You and all our stars are so lucky to be gifted and even so to be American living in the lap of luxury and fame. Don’t throw it all away.

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