Roseanne Barr Slams Facebook for Censoring Diamond and Silk

Roseanne Barr took to Twitter on Wednesday and warned Facebook and its embattled founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg to “stop censoring” conservative YouTube sensations Diamond and Silk.

“Diamond and Silk are comedians-stop censoring them!” Barr said in her tweet.

Moments later, Barr retweeted an NRA Twitter post that quoted the political pair as saying, “[@TheDemocrats] don’t like the fact that they can’t control us anymore and they can’t keep us on what we call the Democrat plantation. They can’t use us anymore …We’re black, we’re women and we’re conservatives.”

The Roseanne star’s tweet came apparently within minutes of Zuckerberg admitting to the Energy and Commerce Committee of the House of Representatives in Washington on Wednesday that Facebook limiting Diamond and Silk on the social media platform was the result of an “enforcement error.”


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