Rosie O’Donnell Cashes In on Trump Hate

Rosie O’Donnell started complaining about Donald Trump before he even took office and has finally decided she might as well make money of her hatred for the president, because it doesn’t look like he’s going away anytime soon.

Earlier this week O’Donnell announced that she’s going to start selling t-shirts featuring anti Trump art, which she designed herself. The shirts, which O’Donnell revealed via Twitter on Wednesday, feature a cartoon Trump with the words “Rapist, Cheat, Liar, Racist, Con Man, A**hole,” written beside it.

O’Donnell isn’t much of an artist but the shirts, which she’s selling a dozen at a time, have already sold out, according to Fox News.

The comedian wrote a brief explanation of why she decided to sell the shirts on Etsy, the website where they’re being sold.


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