Rosie O’Donnell is a Huge Bully to Barron Trump

It was December of last year that comedian Rosie O’Donnell found herself apologizing to first lady Melania Trump for cyber-bullying Mrs. Trump’s young son, Barron.

O’Donnell had shared a video to her vast social network; the video claimed the young boy had autism. Through additional social media posts, the comedian used this strange conspiracy theory as a platform to attack Donald Trump as a liar.

In other words, she used an innocent child as a pawn to attack a man she has long sparred with and disliked. Furthermore, she dissected a child’s mental health in public, though she has no medical background whatsoever. It was appalling, and she rightly apologized for it.

“i apologize to @MELANIATRUMP — i was insensitive in my RT — i am sorry for the pain i caused — it was not my intent — i am truly sorry,” wrote O’Donnell on Twitter.


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