Rudy Giuliani Interviews His Alleged Mistress On His Radio Show

Wikimedia Commons, By Crzrussian

The President’s personal lawyers and former mayor of New York City Rudy Guiliani decided to have his alleged mistress, Maria Ryan on his radio show to tout the supposed benefits of Hydroxicholoriquine. As The New York Post reports:

Beltway insiders were amused to hear the former NYC mayor interview Maria Ryan — the woman with whom Giuliani denied having an affair after ex-wife Judy claimed they were still married when Ryan and Giuliani got together — as a medical expert on his radio show, “Uncovering the Truth.”

The insiders also noted with some glee that he framed her as a medical expert and kept calling her “doctor” — even though her doctorate is in hospital administration and came from an online university that shut down after a failed attempt to become accredited, according to reports.

The pair didn’t mention their off-air relationship during the Memorial Day chat, in which they claimed that hydroxychloroquine is broadly safe and effective to fight COVID-19.

Was the move an unforced error on Giuliani’s part? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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1 year ago

Rudy Giuliani Is entitled to have a girlfriend, wife,is tress or what ever…why media spends a lot of time …he’s not a homosexual! He’s aam and needs a woman..why they don’t concentrate on Hunter Biden, al sharpton who clotted a lot of crime and should be on jail as well as Killers and Bill Clinton….