Sean Hannity Makes a Big Correction About His Relationship With Donald Trump

Sean Hannity says reports about his relationship with President Donald Trump have been consistently wrong. 

Forbes reports:

“Oh, boy, I’m getting interviewed by the liberal media,” Sean Hannity says as he arrives, before assuring me he’s just kidding — mostly. “I say that to everybody.”

We’re at Fox News headquarters in New York, sitting down to talk in a boring cube of a conference room a few floors below the studio where Hannity will later host the highest-rated show in all of cable news.

Hannity thinks most journalists are biased and rarely agrees to interviews. “How you got into the building,” he wonders aloud, “I have no idea.” When his show goes live in about two hours, he’ll be dressed in a jacket and tie, with an American flag pin affixed to his lapel. His hair will be sharply parted and carefully groomed. But that’s later. Right now, Hannity’s in jeans and a black shirt, and his hair looks as if he might have just taken off a baseball cap.

I ask him about the regular reports that he has daily conversations with the president of the United States — even, it has been suggested, that he is often the last person Donald Trump talks to at night.

“I don’t have a nightly call with anybody,” Hannity tells me. “I read these things about me that are total bullshit. Quote it. It’s just not true.”


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