Sports Illustrated Model, NBA Player Involved In Dramatic Rafting Accident

Supermodel Kate Bock and her NBA player boyfriend are both recovering after being involved in a dramatic rafting accident. As Fox News reports:

Sports Illustrated model Kate Bock is recovering from having her head stapled after a rafting accident in Wyoming.

The 26-year-old and her boyfriend, NBA star Kevin Love, were white-water rafting without helmets when they went overboard and Bock cut her head on some rocks.

Bock was taken to a nearby hospital and needed staples in her head to stop the bleeding.

“Can’t take her anywhere — @katebock got her head stapled shut after a nasty (but epic) spill,” Love wrote on Instagram along with a series of photos. “‘Only head injury we’ve seen in 34 years.’ FYI we laughed the entire thing off and will be going back.”


Let’s hope they both have a speedy recovery.

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