Stormy Daniels Sues Trump’s Lawyer

Donald Trump currently has several lawsuits on his plate, and one of those is from Stormy Daniels. Earlier this month, Stormy’s lawyer Michael Avenatti filed a lawsuit on behalf of his client against Donald Trump, for attempting to enforce an unsigned non-disclosure agreement. The lawsuit claimed that Trump’s team had been bullying and badgering Stormy into keeping quiet about their alleged 2006 affair with the NDA she signed, even though it wasn’t technically legally binding, thanks to Trump’s missing signature.

The Washington Post says that Stormy recently went to court to amend her lawsuit, and she’s dragging Trump’s favorite lawyer Michael Cohen into it now.

Stormy has added Michael Cohen as a defendant to her lawsuit, and accuses him of defamation. After 60 Minutes aired Anderson Cooper’s interview with Storm, Michael Cohen sent her a cease and desist and demanded she retract her “false and defamatory” statements against Trump. But that’s not actually the defamatorylies Stormy is pissed about.

Stormy’s amendment accuses Michael Cohen of defamation and dirty campaign dealings. Stormy was given the NDA just one month before the 2016 Presidential election, which came with a $130,000 payment. On February 13th, Michael Cohen acknowledged that he used $130,000 of his own money to pay off Stormy, by saying:

“Just because something isn’t true doesn’t mean that it can’t cause you harm or damage.”


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