Ted Nugent Just Dropped a Truth Bomb On Kid Rock

Kid Rock definitely isn’t running for Senate, no matter what he says. At least, that’s  the word from Rock’s fellow conservative Michigan musician Ted Nugent says.

“Cat Scratch Fever” rocker Nugent appeared on WJR radio DJ Frank Beckmann’s show on Thursday, and threw cold water on Kid Rock‘s supposed bid for Senate.

“Bob Ritchie [Kid Rock‘s real name] ain’t running for jack-squat, OK? He never intended, he never thought about it , and he never hinted that he’s running for anything,” Nugent asserted. “So the Michigan GOP better get their head out of their butt  and start using their resources to focus on someone. I don’t know who I will endorse at this time, but we have got to send Debbie  Stabenow packing to the Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, antifa world.”

Nugent went on to suggest that Kid Rock is merely going along for the ride on a whim that somebody “pulled out of their ass.”


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