The 5 Biggest Revelations From Hillary’s Interview With Howard Stern

Failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton sat down for a lengthy interview with notorious shock jock Howard Stern on Wednesday, and in the process let loose some bizarre revelations. 

Here are the five most interesting ones:

1) Hillary denies ever being a lesbian (Fox News):

After Stern asked her point blank whether she had ever been in a lesbian relationship, Clinton responded with:

“Never, never, never!” Clinton quickly answered, according to the Washington Times. “Never even been tempted, thank you very much.”

After denying ever being a lesbian she then went on say that ‘contrary to what you might hear…I actually like men.’

Rumors of Hillary being an active lesbian have dogged her for decades.

2) Hillary claims that Trump’s inauguration day was ‘The hardest day of her life.’ (ABC News):

“I went to the inauguration of Donald Trump, which was one of the hardest days of my life, to be honest,” she said. She remarked on how she was seated next to former President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, during Trump’s speech.

“Then he started on that speech, which was so bizarre, and that’s when I got really worried,” she said. “And George W. Bush says to me, ‘Well that was some weird s—.’”

3) Hillary had a bizarre coughing fit during her interview with stern (The Washington Examiner):

Hillary suffered a spontaneous coughing fit during the interview that was so severe that Stern felt compelled to say: ‘I feel like I need to give you a cough drop or something … you OK?’

Hillary was hurt  by the constant rumors about the poor state of her health during 2016, and her coughing fit on Stern’s show is sure to only add fuel to those rumors.

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