The Reason Trump Fans are Boycotting Walmart

Walmart is in hot water with Trump supporters after it started selling a T-shirt promoting his impeachment.

The Wrap reports:

Walmart has drawn the anger of Donald Trump supporters over a set of merchandise bearing the phrase “Impeach 45.”

The phrase has become a common one on social media among Democrats and Trump critics, and was recently quoted by California Rep. Maxine Waters at the Families Belong Together March in Los Angeles. Now “Impeach 45” is a phrase on shirts and infant one-pieces sold on Walmart’s website, and has angered Trump supporters after Students for Trump chairman Ryan Fournier called attention to it on Twitter.

The shirt, which was sold by the apparel company Old Glory, hasn’t been the only impeachment merch being sold on the site. CafePress has had “Impeach Trump” shirts, caps and throw pillows available on Manateez Apparel has also had their own “Impeach 45” shirt, while a button with Trump’s face and the phrase “Impeach the Peach” was also listed on the site. In response, Trump supporters, who have started boycott campaigns in the past against companies that have dropped Trump products, have started a #BoycottWalmart hashtag.

This isn’t the first time that Trump-related politics have led to a backlash against Walmart, though such backlash has also come from the other side. Last November, Walmart drew ire over a shirt on its site that sported the phrase “Rope. Tree. Journalist. Some assembly required.” After complaints, custom shirt company Teespring removed the shirtfrom the site.

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