UFC’s Dana White Says Fights To Go On After Speaking With Trump


In the midst of mass cancellations, UFC president Dana White has announced that the organization’s mixed martial arts fights will continue to go on.

The decision was reportedly made after White discussed the situation with President Trump, making the UFC one of the very few major sporting organizations to not cancel events in the midst of the Coronavirus panic.

As TMZ reports:

The UFC will NOT cancel events in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic — with Dana White saying he made the decision to proceed after consulting with President Trump.

“I talked to the President and the Vice President of the United States today about this and they’re taking this very serious and they’re saying ‘be cautious and be careful but live your life and stop panicking,'” White said on ESPN.


“Everybody is panicking and instead of panicking we’re actually getting out there and working with doctors and health officials and the government to figure out how to keep the sport safe and how we can continue to put on events.”

Of course, UFC is scheduled to host UFC Fight Night 170 on Saturday, headlined by the main event — Kevin Lee vs. Charles Oliveira.

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