‘View’ Host Whoopi Goldberg Stunned After Learning Truth About ‘Dr.’ Jill Biden


‘View’ co-host Whoopi Goldberg initially claimed on Wednesday that she wanted to see Dr. Jill Biden serve as Surgeon General…until she learned the truth: that her ‘doctorate’ was actually in ‘education.’

As The Daily Caller reports:

Goldberg made the comment during a conversation on ABC’s “The View” with guest Jonathan Karl, in response to cohost Joy Behar’s claim that she would like to see a lot of the players in the Democratic primary take up positions in a potential administration under former Vice President Joe Biden.

“I’m hoping Dr. Jill becomes the Surgeon General, his wife,” Goldberg said then. “Joe Biden’s wife. He would never do it but, yeah, she’s a hell of a doctor. She’s an amazing doctor.”

“I thought she was a doctor in —” Meghan McCain replied.

“—PhD,” Behar interrupted.


In spite of her massive ignorance, it seems that some people still think Whoopi’s opinions on politics somehow still have value.


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3 months ago

Once Again. Ignorant people with a platform.

1 month ago

Once again the Morons on the VIEW display their ignorance to those of the Liberal Socialist Democratic Party they so strongly support. Jill Biden has a DOCTRINE IN EDUCATION. She is Not a Medical Doctor but that doesn’t matter the the View Hypocrites. Dumb & Dumber!

21 days ago

I had no idea she was “that” ignorant 🤣

Gene Ralno
Gene Ralno
20 days ago

Whoopi’s dumb as a frog. Perhaps she should finish high school before demonstrating her ignorance.

19 days ago
Reply to  Gene Ralno

Whoopi is not the brightest but….I cut her a little slack. Jill Biden ‘uses Dr.’ purposely to misconstrue her actual field credentials. I find that a little disturbing; she’s a phony.

1 day ago
Reply to  AMFER

If you’re a demwit
a phony
It works

Gust Kutsuflakis
10 days ago

I am sure that Joe Biden, who doesn’t really know why he is running for office, just found out that his wife was not a medical doctor. Whoopi and and Joe Biden would make a great team together.Joe should have picked Whoopi as his running mate. It would be a question as to who is the most intelligent. It could be a toss up.

1 day ago

Does whooper know the difference????
Heck, she’s still a “doctor,” right whooper??
(Russia & China cannot wait until demwits are running America!!!!!)

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