Wait — Did Joy Behar Actually Stand Up for Gun Owners?

Joy Behar shock “The View” audience Thursday by saying she completely understands people “wanting a gun” for protection.

“I understand wanting a gun that you know how to use when you’re trapped alone with babies in the woods,” Behar explained. Behar made her comments during a discussion on gun control and whether or not teachers should be armed in the wake of the deadly shooting in Parkland, Florida.

“My mother is a teacher. My aunt is a teacher and I don’t — their job is not to be gun wielders,” Sunny Hostin explained. “They’re supposed to be teaching our children.”
“I respect people who have guns,” Behar shared. “Let me just say one more thing. I respect people who have guns. I once lived in the woods. I was trapped out in the middle of the woods with two basset hounds as a baby. My husband went to Tijuana to do his PhD. Don’t ask why, and I was alone in the woods, and I wanted a handgun.”


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