Watch: Geraldo and Bill Maher Place Bets on Trump and Russia

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher and Fox News Channel Correspondent-at-Large Geraldo Rivera bet $1,000 over whether there is a connection between Russia and the Trump Organization.

Rivera pushed back against Maher saying MSNBC is different from FNC because MSNBC doesn’t make things up by citing “Russia collusion. Where’s the collusion? It’s an illusion.”

Maher responded, “I’m not saying it’s definitely collusion, but you can’t say it’s an illusion until the report comes out, would you agree to that?”

Rivera answered, “I say that anyone who views the witnesses who have been interviewed, the indictments that have come down, the scope of the investigation so far, has to come to the conclusion that there’s nothing there yet.”


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