Watch: Tom Brokaw Tears Into Fox News For Its ‘Jihad’

Veteran news anchor Tom Brokaw sharply criticized Fox News Thursday, saying the channel was on a “jihad” to protect President Trump and undermine U.S. institutions.

“Fox News, after Shepard Smith in the late afternoon is on a Jihad right now,” he said on the set of “Morning Joe.” “The whole assault is on the institutions. Newt Gingrich, looking into the camera and saying the FBI is a corrupt organization, right three months earlier he had said Bob Mueller is one of the great distinguished public servants that we have.”

“We’re at war here and it’s going to be sorted out in the final analysis,” he added.
Honorable mention for Smith is related to his reporting on the fake controversy ginned up by Fox News opinion hosts surrounding Hillary Clinton and the sale Uranium to Russia while she was Secretary of State. Smith’s reporting notably contradicted many of the network firebrands who are on the air after him.

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