WWE Legend Steve Austin is Sober

WWE Legend Stone Cold Steve Austin, who is known for being a beer drinker has announced that he has gone sober. The star has reportedly been sober for two weeks.

According to Fox News:

Legendary WWE superstar “Stone Cold” Steve Austin revealed on his on his podcast he’s given up one of the things that helped make him one of the top stars in the business – alcohol.

Austin said Thursday on his “Steve Austin Show” podcast that he is sticking to a new healthy diet and he hasn’t had a drop of alcohol in two weeks.

“My eating program is going fantastic. [I’m] sticking to my exact macros. [I’ve had] zero alcohol for right at 14 days now,” Austin said. “Pounds are coming off. My strength is going up. Jesus Christ, I’m getting as strong as a god d–n horse over here.”

Austin also revealed he’s been doing Diamond Dallas Page’s yoga program and is seeing benefits.

Austin went on to say that he tried to turn to marijuana to help him stop drinking but decided against it. Noting that it just has never been for him.

We wish him all the best.


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