YouTube Star Jake Paul Spotted With Looters During Riots At Mall In Arizona


YouTube star ‘Jake Paul’ has been caught on camera alongside rioters looting a mall in Arizona. As The New York Post reports:

YouTuber Jake Paul is under fire after being spotted in a crowd of looters at an Arizona mall Saturday, according to a report.

Paul, 23, is seen wearing a mask, according to cell phone video with a crowd of protestors at the Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale, TMZ reported.

He’s initially seen in a crowd outside the mall, and at one point one of the protesters launches fireworks at the building’s entrance.

“Bunch of f–king idiots, bro,” a man’s voice is heard saying, pointing to police outside the mall. “Literally, I walked right here, right up to there.”


It seems that social media stars like Paul, along with other liberal celebrities seem to think that the complete anarchy and lawlessness currently descending on the US is just fun and games.



  1. Place Mr. Jake Paul in a medium/ maximum security prison for one month. Let’s see him blog about being a sex toy to all the other prisoners for 24/7. So tired of these people who think looting, burning and destroying property is somehow acceptable – IT IS NOT!

  2. Owners should be waiting inside their stores and when they break the glass and come on in, the owner should unload a firearm in the lot of them….

  3. The owners of the stores need to hire some SWAT members and have them waiting on the unsuspecting culprits when they break in….

  4. The MSM is largely responsible for this incredible looting and disorder in that their stories always begin with chapter two rather that chapter one.
    Chapter one may identify the thug who did some illegal thing which precipitated
    the riot!


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