Howard Stern Blasts Pro Golfers For ‘Selling Out’ To Saudi Tour

Bill Norton via ( Wikipedia Commons

SiriusXM shock jock Howard Stern took aim at Phil Mickelson and other professional golfers for joining the Saudi-funded LIV Tour for huge paydays. 


“They’re selling out,” Stern remarked about the golfers, including Mickelson, who received $200 million for defecting as per MediaITE.  


“They’re real pieces of s–t and they got a lot of money so it allows them to be pieces of s–t on a big level,” Stern said about Saudi Arabia’s government which Amnesty International accuses of human rights violations for torture, executions, and religious discrimination.  


“Normally, if they didn’t have oil there, you wouldn’t hear from these guys, you’d never know what they believe, they’d be talking to a sheep and a camel,” he said about the country. “But they, unfortunately, have so much money that they can spread their diseased brain power all over the world and now they wanna start a golf tournament, not a tournament, a league.”


Stern played a clip of Mickelson denying that he condoned human rights violations during his show. “But I’ll put up with it for $200 million,” he quipped. 


The PGA Tour suspended 17 golfers, including heavy-weights Dustin Johnson and Mickelson, which includes playing in any tours sanctioned by the organization and tournament headliner the Presidents Cup. The ban will apply to any players who join the LIV Tour in the future.  


“We have followed the tournament regulations from start to finish in responding to those players who have decided to turn their backs on the PGA Tour by willfully violating a regulation,” the PGA said in a statement


LIV Golf accused the PGA of being “vindictive” for blocking golfers from joining their tour. “This certainly is not the last word on this topic,” they said in a Twitter statement.

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