LeBron James Gets Roasted For Mocking Kyle Rittenhouse

Wikimedia Commons, by Tim Shelby - Flickr: IMG_8072

Woke NBA star LeBron James called out 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse for crying on the stand during his murder trial on Wednesday.

James shared a USA Today article that included a video of the teenager ugly crying while he testified, and wrote that he didn’t believe the emotional outburst was legitimate. 

“What tears?????” James tweeted. “I didn’t see one. Man knock it off! That boy ate some lemon heads before walking into court.” He tagged three laughing-crying emojis at the end of his message. 

His post has been retweeted 35,000 times and has more than 236,000 retweets, but plenty of the 41,000 comments were critical of the LA Lakers’ star.

“No one knows how to fake something better than you,” replied Congressional candidate Graham Allen, who shared a photo of James exaggerating a foul.

“If he’s faking it, we better call Juwan Howard,” radio host Jesse Kelly posted alongside a photo of James being carried off the court in pain during the NBA finals.  

James wasn’t the only one who ridiculed Rittenhouse, disgraced CNN analyst Jeffery Toobin, who lost his job at the New Yorker after being caught masturbating on a Zoom call, chimed in on the trial.

“What kind of idiot 17-year-old gets a giant gun and goes to a riot?” he asked on the liberal news network. “The good news for Kyle Rittenhouse is that he’s not on trial for being an idiot. He’s on trial for homicide.” 

Conservative actor James Woods checked him hard on Twitter, “Is Toobin Just yanking our crank?” 

“The View” cohost Joy Behar also tore into the teen. “That acting job, the crying, I can’t even look at it. That is one of the worst acting jobs I’ve ever seen,” she said on the show’s Thursday morning episode. “Those crocodile tears are gonna get him off, I bet.”

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kathy johnson
kathy johnson
1 year ago

Joy Behar, who made you judge and jury…pathetic…

1 year ago

He is a martyr. Not one criminal was arrested in the riots before election. The liberals are punishing him for killing the bad guys who they encouraged to scare people into not voting for Trump and look at what we have now.

1 year ago

What kind of a person are you??? He thought he was helping. How many real criminals are not being prosecuted and have killed and maimed innocent people and they are still walking the streets because the liberals want to scare the innocent