Long Island Medium Star Accused Of Exploiting The Families Of 9/11 Victims

By W.carter - Own work, CC0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=66482993

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of September 11th, TLC psychic Theresa Caputo plans to connect family members of deceased terror attack victims with the spiritual realm to help them heal, but critics have slammed the television event as exploitative.

On Thursday’s “Long Island Medium: In Memory of 9/11,” Caputo will do spiritual readings for guests including two daughters of a woman killed inside the Pentagon, the sister of a New York City fire captain, and the child of “Dust Lady” Marcy Borders.

TLC described the controversial special in a press release: “Theresa Caputo visits the sites of the horrific attacks and meets with families of the departed to deliver messages of healing and heroism from the spirits of their loved ones.”

The statement describes how she will “use her gift to bring peace to those most personally impacted by the attacks by meeting with them in the shadow of the World Trade Center, steps from the Pentagon, and at the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.”

In a preview, Caputo tells the children of the woman killed at the Pentagon that their mother is telling her, “I just want my girls to know that I am watching over you.“

“Once again exploiting these poor desperate family members lying to them into making them believe she can speak to the dead like COME ON PEOPLE!” wrote one replier to the Instagram trailer. “Omgggg this makes me sick to my stomach.”

“She is certainly taking advantage of the grief and pain of those who have lost loved ones. But hey, it makes for good tv,” another snarked.

Caputo defended the special in a statement. “People didn’t know what happened to their loved ones — they weren’t able to recover their physical bodies, they wanted to know if they were afraid, if they knew what was happening,” she explained.

“To be able to give that peace and closure, and knowing that their loved ones’ souls are at peace was just such an honor. And you realize 20 years later, people absolutely still struggle.”

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1 year ago

Teresa is for real. She has specific details only known to those who have gift. I love her. Watch her in action. L

1 year ago

Teresa is authentic. I posted this earlier but it was deleted. She relays information that can only be known by those with her talent. Former skeptics have been won over

1 year ago

I became an atheist (at times, a raging atheist) at the age of 9, when I realized the Bible was basically inane, contradictory, and often vile. And don’t worry, Christians, because the Tanakh (the “Readers’ Digest” version of the Bible the Jews use) and the Koran are no better – and don’t get me started on the other religions. HOWEVER, starting around the age of 40, I began having some experiences which I cannot explain within my logical, linear framework – compelling enough that I now must allow that, yeah, maybe there IS something more out there and I’ve been wrong or largely wrong most of my life. I find the criticism of the “Long Island Medium” in this article, however, to basically take the position that spiritualism is necessarily BS and therefore anyone practicing any form of it is a grifter and con artist. Eh, could be, and many spiritualists are probably as dodgy and morally hinky as a Catholic priest or televangelist, but, ya’ know, “by their works shall ye know them” (read that somewhere). If this lady’s “insights”/”services” work for those who subscribe and there isn’t obvious crookedness at play, then let those who believe believe. Any culture which defends a person’s right to believe that they are a different sex than that which their genes proclaim can surely muster some tolerance for any number of religious beliefs, no matter how outre’ we may think them.