Monday Update: Ed Asner Dead At 91, Al Roker Pummeled With Waves Covering Hurricane, Whoopi Goldberg Sued For $50 Million

Wikimedia Commons, By Ahmet Yalçınkaya

We’re tracking the conservative culture clash with woke Hollywood hypocrites to keep you up to date on who’s winning and who we hate.

Here’s what happened today:


Actor Ed Asner, best known for playing Lou Grant on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” died peacefully at the age of 91.

“We are sorry to say that our beloved patriarch passed away this morning peacefully. Words cannot express the sadness we feel. With a kiss on your head- Goodnight dad. We love you,” his Twitter account announced on Sunday.

In his storied career, Asner won the most Emmys ever awarded to a male performer, five of which he earned for portraying Lou Grant, and served as the president of the Screen Actors Guild.

His most recent role was in Netflix’s “Cobra Kai,” and had memorable roles in his later years in Pixar’s “Up,” and playing Santa Claus in WIll Ferrell’s Christmas comedy, “Elf.”


A New Jersey property developer accused Whoopi Goldberg’s company Whoopi, Inc., of plotting to oust them from a restoration project and want’s $50 million in damages for the “opportunistic and nefarious scheme to acquire the property for below market value so they can use the land for a sound studio.”

After letting a 2006 project revamp the historic downtown areas of West Orange, NJ languish for years, the township terminated Prism Capital Partners in June, but the developers claim skyrocketing pandemic real estate prices caused officials to back out of the deal.

“West Orange Township changed its mind from creating a residential neighborhood around our Edison Lofts property,” Prism principal partner Eugene Diaz posted Saturday. “They asked us to speak to Ms. Goldberg concerning her company’s interest in a small studio.”

“Those conversations grew into something larger, and once we presented that deal to the Town they decided to cut Prism out of the deal and take the property for less money than we paid for it in 2007 – so they could negotiate a deal directly with Ms. Goldberg’s company,” he alleged.

“They are not only trying to avoid paying the $20 million owed but they are trying to profit by being a middleman that flips the property to Ms. Goldberg.”

Flash Fail

James Corden and Camila Cabello, who star in Amazon’s upcoming “Cinderella,” were slammed for stopping traffic in Los Angeles to promote their film with a flash mob in the middle of an intersection.

Corden, who was dressed as a mouse, could be seen hip thrusting at the driver-side window of a car, while costumed co-stars Billy Porter and Idina Menzel danced and sang along with Jennifer Lopez song “Let’s Get Loud,” while in costume.

“That video of Camilla Cabello and James Corden stopping traffic to promote Cinderella is bonkers,” one critic tweeted. “I can 100% guarantee you if James Corden walks up to my window and starts hip-thrusting I’m going to jail.”

“Imagine having a terrible day and then on ur way home ur forced to watch camila cabello and James Corden dance right in front of u..this would sent me over the edge,” wrote another.

“America, you’re welcome to keep Corden. Yours, Great Britain,” one U.K. user posted.


Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue sold Netflix nemesis Joe Exotic’s Oklahoma animal park after a judge awarded her control of the Tiger King’s property in a 2020 trademark lawsuit settlement.

Exotic lost the 2011 suit, when Baskin alleged that Big Cat Rescue Entertainment was an infringement on her 2005 trademark Big Cat Rescue. Exotic reportedly posted to social media that he used the name to “ruin” Baskin’s company.

The property, which once housed 1,400 big cats, saw the last of the animals turned over to the Justice Department in early August. In the land deal, Baskin included a provision that would prevent the property from being used as a zoo for the next century.


Former child actor Matthew Mindler, 19, who is best known for his role in Paul Rudd’s “Our Idiot Brother,” was found dead on Saturday after going missing from his college days earlier.

While no cause of death is listed, Mindler’s body was reportedly located near Millersville University in Lancaster County after he was reported missing on Wednesday.

“It is with a grieving heart that I let you know of the death of 19-year-old Matthew Mindler from Hellertown, Pennsylvania, a first-year student at Millersville University. Our thoughts of comfort and peace are with his friends and family during this difficult time,” said the university’s president.


Christie Brinkley spoke out against the violence in Afghanistan in a lengthy Instagram post on Friday.

“Too many are weeping tonight, too much loss, too much pain and suffering, too many families in turmoil, too much anger hate weapons and violence,” she wrote. “For a species capable of so much beauty compassion and love, humans sure have made a mess of this world.”

Brinkley said she has met with U.S. troops several times “over the years” to thank them for their service.

“I was often struck by how young and polite they were, how eager and sincere was their desire to be of service, to help,” she continued. “It hurts to think about them tonight knowing how many deaths and casualties there were today in Kabul where they were helping and how close to coming home they were…”


NBC TV meteorologist Al Roker was smashed by waves while he was covering Hurricane Ida for “Meet The Press” at New Orleans Lake Pontchartrain on Sunday.

“It’s basically a 15-mile-wide F3 tornado,” The 67-year-old said as he was pummeled by water throughout the broadcast.

Critics were quick to blast the network for sending Roker out on scene. “It’s 2021. I don’t need to see Al Roker risking his life and his crew’s lives to show me a hurricane. It can be reported on without standing outside in the middle of it,” on Twitter user wrote.

But the TV veteran said he volunteered for the job. “Some people are like, ‘He’s too old to be doing this.’ Hey, guess what, screw you! Try to keep up!” Roker said.

“I volunteered to come out here. This is what I do. I’ve done this for 40 years,” he continued. “These young punks, I will come after them,” he joked. “I will drop them like a bag of dirt.”

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