NASCAR Stuns Many Fans, Driver Quits, After It Announces Confederate Flag Ban, Allows Kneeling Protests

NASCAR has stunned many of its fans after it decided to ban confederate flags from all of its future events.

It also will be allowing kneeling protests in support of ‘Black Lives Matter.’ (Yahoo News)

In response to the moves driver Ray Ciccarelli announced that he would be quitting NASCAR after the 2020 season had been completed.

As The New York Post reports:

NASCAR turned off some fans on Wednesday by announcing it was banning Confederate flags from all of its events. It also lost a driver.

In a Facebook post, Ray Ciccarelli wrote he was ending his NASCAR Truck Series career after this season because of the decision.

“Well its been a fun ride and dream come true but if this is the direction Nascar is headed we will not participate after the 2020 season is over,” Ciccarelli announced. “I don’t believe in kneeling during Anthem nor taken ppl right to fly whatever flag they love.

“I could care less about the Confederate Flag but there are ppl that do and it doesn’t make them a racist all you are doing is f–king one group to cater to another.”



  1. I have been a Nascar fan for as long as I can remember. I was in diapers at my first race and am now 75 years old. Have went to races as well as watch on TV and have loved both. The races have always been about America. About God and country. Now it is all about catering to one race, the black race. so am sorry to say until it is about America, God and country again I will not be a fan, nor will I attend or watch a Nascar race again and I have a few friends that won’t either. Goodbye NASCAR!
    A Used to be Fan.

    • I tend to agree. I have a nice 4×8 foot Nascar Series banner that will go down to the basement in my sports bar.
      It’s been tough getting support for Nascar anyway, aside from the Daytona 500. This year has been a complete f4ckup, being closed sure didn’t help.
      Maybe I’ll need to change my venue to a fairy bar.
      What has happened to the men?

      • This is so disturbing – America caving to these under 25 year olds who demand we change!! They can’t function independently because they’ve been coddled by both their parents and their piss-poor educators –

      • What has happened to the men?
        They have become educated and civilized.
        They no longer need a boogie man to be scared of.

    • NASCAR use to be all about catering to one race.
      It will no longer do that.
      They now, under pressure, think that racism is wrong.
      Do you?

        • Do you think that removing the flag that represents the States that wanted to keep people in slavery is wrong?
          Nascar does.

          It now looks like a majority of drivers and teams are endorsing the change.
          They no longer see their future in old White racists.

      • Seriously? NASCAR has been around a lot longer than you I’ll bet.. Why would a particular group of people who have NEVER followed nascar give a 💩 whether they fly a flag or not?

        • You are right.
          I have only been following Nascar for 64 years.
          I have seen Nascar race with stock cars in it.
          Some of them came to the track on their own bottom .
          I have fallen off a bit in the last few years.
          Nascar’s lack of recognition of racism in the sport has put me off.
          They rectified that this week.

          Negroes are pretty funny about going places with blatant racist symbology.
          Lose the Stars and Bars and gain the Negroes.
          Would you prefer that Negroes do not attend Nascar races?
          They can be so loud and obnoxious.

      • And how was it catering to “one race” exactly? Care to lay out truthful and valid details and not just an opinion?

        • 98+% of Nascar fans are White.
          That is a race.
          The use of the Stars and Bars puts off Blacks.
          Which is what the Whites want.
          That is catering to one race.
          Nascar is done with that.
          They see, along with the rest of the world, a wide rejection of racism.
          The 20 to 40 demographic is done with that shit.
          Nascar is looking to its future.
          It is not the old fart racists.

          • Albert Hess- No one stopped black people from coming in ever. If black people don’t like NASCAR that is up to them. You do not have that sole opinion that you think your somehow righteous. Politics is destroying each sport that those leagues or sport allows it into them. People do not go to see or watch sports to see a one sided political viewpoint being dumped on them !!! The stars and bars has always been around NASCAR. Take a guess who started this sport and what part of the country where it started. All NASCAR fans should fully dump NASCAR now !! Those BLM rioters need to go to your place and show you what they are about so you learn the hard way you idiot !!!

    • No, it is not catering to one race. This is about respect for the Stars and Stripes and catering to all races. But if history, under the confederate flag, pushing for slavery, condoned raping, lynching and many other things that violated humanity.

        • You are absolutely right.
          White people never raped or lynched their Negroes.
          They gave them beautiful houses and a pastoral lifestyle.

          • 150 -200 years ago not a single person walking on earth now was alive. Not a single person alive now had anything to do with ancient history !!! Only 4% of slaves from Africa were sold in USA and by guess who— Black people from Africa !!!
            You want to blame and throw cra*p on people alive today who had nothing to do with what occurred way back then at ALL! But your insistence to blame someone however then should go to the root of the problem then -way back then. To those black people who went out selling other black people around the world as slaves !!! Knock the hell off on USA which had the least of all countries with slaves !!!! Stupidity runs deep with you idiots who can not think even the slightest bit of where the blame should go to then !! If they were never brought here in the first place, they never would have been bought here as slaves !!! Stop slamming pure BS down peoples throats with your stupidity. World wide they were sold as slaves and USA had the very least of them of any country !!! Only 4% and that is FACT!!!!

      • You don’t know much about history Anonymous. Just opinionated falsehoods. Erasing history is not the answer to anything.

        • No one wants to erase American history.
          The Stars and Stripes must be preserved.
          The sun must not be allowed to destroy them.
          They must be kept in climate controlled museum.
          The climate must not change.

          We do need to erase the use of the Stars and Stripes as a symbol of White Supremacy.
          Only Supreme Whites were able to get the uppityness out of theri negroes.
          Or as it is spelled today, kneegroes.

          • Albert, why don’t you just move to another country then that will accept you. NO, you are NOT going to erase the STARS and STRIPES !!! EVER !!!! You get your stupid leftist butt to North Korea, China, or IRAN where you can love your stupidity ! YOU ARE NOT GOING TO SCREW WITH MY COUNTRY OR MY FLAG!!!!!

    • Amen . And the Confederate Battle Flag that is flown , is the flag of the Poor Frarners Tennessee Volunteers . Not the flag that flew over the Confederate South . But when morons don’t know history they say asinine crap . As I said , POOR FRARMERS , DID NOT OWN SLAVES . And Blacks have been racing in NASCAR since its inception , they had no problem with a piece of cloth , if you do , that is on you and you need to see a physicist . The latter is not directed at you Hloria .

    • Ditto Gloria…………for me as well it’s “Goodbye NASCAR. Been a long long run but it’s over now.

    • Nascar is a POS now . Catering too BLM is just bending over too kiss there a$$es. When will this stupidity stop . I saw in Cary North Carolina where a bunch of stupid liberals were on there knees washing black peoples feet and asking for forgiveness . There are only two in this world that I will bow down too and ask for forgiveness God and Jesus Christ . Other than that they can kiss my white a$$.

        • The STARS and BARS Flag during the Civil War was only used 100% as a BATTLE FLAG !!!!!!! Albert Lunatic Hess, that means it is NOT the flag that represented the south !!! It was only a BATTLE FLAG !!!!
          To bad there are total whack jobs like you Albert who run around bragging about your stupidity and love to show it off as you do here !
          When clueless wonders such as you now know the real deal and truth about the Stars and Bars Flag and how and why it was used as a BATTLE Flag yet you still demand to show and tell your lunacy, then you need to be put in a funny farm and stay there ! I even would have been on the NORTH SIDE if I was alive back then. But I still know the FACTS and details of why the south still wants to keep that Battle Flag and I have no problem at all with it !!! YOUR complete BS about it being a RACIST flag now you need to shove that back up your backside !!! LEARN and WISE UP NOW !!!! ABE LINCOLN also had no problem with it either !!! So who the hell do you think you are to judge Lincoln if you are suppose to be on his side and free slavery???? You were not there then, so shut up and wise up !!! Total idiots as yourself is why there is a RACIST problem today. Your head is up your backside and your stupidity just keeps the fire hot over the RACISM that YOU ARE CREATING over this !!!

    • Nascar used to be about excluding one race.
      They will no longer be doing that.
      The will welcome all who have enough money to buy a ticket.

    • Nascar does not cater to old people, it is not their future.
      The 20 to 40 year old demographic is not nearly as racist as you old farts.

        • This is America, a chicken in every pot, a knee on every negroes neck.
          But please no more that 6 minutes.
          The video starts to get boring.

          • Wow, What we are seeing here is that if there is someone here who is a RACIST, it is 100% Albert Hess.His continuation of trying to force a BATTLE FLAG of the south in the civil War as a RACIST Flag !!! But LINCOLN and U.S. Grant both alive back then and seeing this flag they fully knew what it stood for and it’s use during battle. Since that is all that it meant, it was allowed to be kept by the south.
            YOU ALBERT, and other lunatics who is trying to force RACISM on people have no one but yourself’s to look at. The surrender agreement LINCOLN and GRANT both allowed it to be taken home by the south. That is ALL THAT FLAG MEANT and was for, a FLAG FOR BATTLE !!!! IT HAD NO OTHER MEANING TO IT AT ALL!!! SO YOU Albert and you other idiots had best wise your RACIST BUTTS UP !!! NONE OF YOU override what LINCOLN or GRANT allowed and accepted then at all!!!! Both of them knew exactly what that flag was used and meant for entirely then- not your precious Princess’s little butts !

    • Nascar will not be missing the old fart White racists.
      They are going after the 20 to 40 crowd.
      Some of them actually think that Blacks are cool, or at least some of them .

  2. Didn’t they try this a few years ago…at Daytona they tried to have fans turn in their confederate flags for new American flags …i think they still have all those American flags

  3. The NFL was already off my list, F1 had to get rid of the grid girls (models now out of a job), Hollywierd and its’ pseudo entertainers who demand virtue signalling over actual virtue and now NASCAR as well. I have a low tolerance for cowards and posers.

  4. You are trying to erase America’s history ! If you succeed we will have no history or country. I choose to opt out of your small mindedness. You are as bad as the riotous crowds of Antifa and BLM.

      • No Albert, what you are saying and doing is you glorifying Racism! Just take a look at your list of comments that you have written !!! It is idiots such as yourself who are also showing hard that your are trying to push RACISM onto people !!!! YOU- are putting things in their mouths ! And you keep doing this ! The RACIST is entirely YOU !!!! You keep trying to force your RACISM issues and you have proved this with all of your comments !!!
        And you totally LIE about a southern flag that was no more then a BATTLE flag of the south during the Civil War and no matter how much Cr*p comes out of your mouth will not change what that flag was used for and what it’s meaning of it was. If Lincoln or Grant were alive today they would put you in jail for trying to start up a civil war once again !

  5. This is so sad. The globalists are winning at destroying America. And our, uniquely American, culture. Such as NASCAR, football, baseball and basketball. Instead of helping them by turning our backs, we need to figure out how to fight back. Reach out to your favorite driver. Appeal to them to fight back.

        • Why is that important.
          Parties change their politics over the decades.

          The Confederate Flag is the symbol for maintaining slavery/racism/ in the US.

          • Albert Hess, No, it is not. That is what the misinformed think it stands for. It stands for what the Civil War (aka The War of Northern Aggression) was fought for: STATES RIGHTS, NOT SLAVERY. The slavery was wrong, everyone agrees to that but that was not the reason for the war.

          • This is not about Reps or Dems. It is about racism.
            There is no shortage of racists in either party.

          • You are right.
            The Civil War was about States Rights
            The Rights of some States to keep people in slavery.
            The United States of America decided that no State had the right to enslave people.
            Was Lincoln wrong to free the slaves, what with him being such a racist?
            It’s a complex world.
            Even back then.

            Everyone agrees that the reason for the war was the rejection of the concept of the Emancipation Proclamation by the slave states.
            What else was there to fight about?

          • The democrats started the KKK. Robert Byrd who was the head of the KKK ran as a democrat and won a Senate seat.
            Why all of a sudden Albert is it that you do not want to talk about the democrats ??? After all, according to the democrats, everyone on the world is a RACIST except themselves and you !!! Even though it is them and YOU who continue endlessly to force Racism everywhere ! Such as right here where you are doing it as well!!! Your a perfect example of what I mean !

  6. I wonder how many black people actually watch Nascar…my guess is not that many. If some of the big name drivers would now just step up and walk away I think Nascar will have second thoughts. I’m fine with showing respect but have respect for everyone. Confederacy has much more to day with a way of living, than it does with slavery! Grow some balls Nascar!

  7. It’s sad that a race can’t just be a race. Why must politics enter everything? I think Nascar just made a HUGE mistake. I guess that’s where we are now, some people are controlling everything and forget the rest of us. Someday this will all go away,where will NASCAR be then? Begging people to once again fill the seats. SAD!!!

    • The majority of Americans do not want to see the Confederate flag displayed anywhere outside of a museum.
      The majority always want to control everything and forget the racists. .

      • Albert, where in the hell do you think that whatever you think is the majority or true ??? People don’t care if they see the Stars and Bars flag because they know exactly what it did stand for and used as. It is people who are incredibly stupid such as you who dump your BS thinking that people here will buy it. You only continue to tell everyone how racist and stupid you are and so very proud to show it off also !

  8. NASCR fans should defy the ban. Every fan should fly a Confederate flag at the next two races. They can’t possibly enforce this crap. Defy. Defy. Defy.

    • Doug ,
      You are absolutely right ! Let us, NASCAR fans have a “ Peaceful Protest “ ! Bring your flags… wave them proudly for our Ancestors that fought and died for this country . I have Civil War hero’s on BOTH sides of the line . After all, aren’t they fallen soldiers that “ Gave their all “ ! How can a race of people and Progressive Socialist Communist Leftists take that away from us ….. that is our history ! Because you fly the Confederate flag and have Ancestors that fought and died ….. that is Heritage NOT racism !

      • No one fighting under the Confederate Flag died for the United States of America.
        They died to maintain a slave based economy.
        They were scumbags.

        • No one during the Civil War fought under the Confederate flag you moron !!! That didn’t exist ! It was a BATTLE FLAG for the south !!!
          Once and for all stop that dam lying of yours ! The south didn’t have this then or now as their flag representing them !!! It was only a BATTLE FLAG !!! Outright lunatics such as yourself Albert is why there is these issues today. You spread your lunacy as facts !! Because you want RACISM spread to divide this country !

    • Really?
      What percentage Nascar fans even own a Confederate flag.
      All you are going see is a bunch a pathetic old people looking stupid. .

  9. First off they refer to the Tennessee battle flag as the Confederate flag. This should be corrected as the actual confederate flag was different. Also I only kneel for the cross and will stand proud for our American Flag. Theses pandering a$$holes, I am done with NASCAR forever and will not watch or support this so called sport.

    • How has removing the Stars and Bars Changed the sport.
      The same guys will be driving the same cars around the same tracks.
      What will be different?
      Other than the lack of racist symbology.

  10. The problem is this: BLM is an anti-Christ masquerading as a justice organization. It is against God family and country. It’s value system if you read its webpage is anti-Bible. It Wants to destroy the God ordained family. It wants to erase the father from the family. It is pushing perversion.

    • Nascar owns Nascar.
      They are a business.
      They see that eliminating the Stars and Bars from their venues will improve their bottom line.
      The business of business is business.
      I am guessing they know a lot more about their demographics that you do.
      The no longer see catering to old White racists as good for business.

  11. My husband and i have been Nascar fans every since we were married. Gone to Bristol a few times watched every Sunday’ NOT EVER AGAIN!! DONE!! SO SAD YOU LET PEOPLE WHO HATE OUR COUNTRY MAKE CHOICES FOR YOU. BE MEN AND STAND AGAINST WRONG!!!😭

      • Albert H, will be one old shit bag racist that will be by “itself” in the stands with the cardboard cut outs. Which means that Albert will have allot more things that are more intelligent around him then himself.

  12. I could do with out the confederate flag but to allow someone to disrespect the American flag is totally uncalled for. NASCAR has lost me. Cancelling my trip to 500 in 2021.

  13. I can’t believe it! We have got to quit bowing down to this stuff! The cop is in jail and going to get what he deserves that’s enough! I don’t owe anyone nothing and I’m not giving up my right to fly whatever flag I want when I want! NASCAR is heading in the wrong direction and I hope they change it soon.

    • “I’m not giving up my right to fly whatever flag I want when I want!”
      Would you have any problem with Blacks flying whatever flag they want?
      The flag of another nation?

      • Albert Hess…….the flag of another nation is not American History. The Confederate Flag is. That is the difference.

        • The Confederate flag is the flag of another Nation.
          The Confederate States of America.
          It deserves no place of honor in the United States of America.
          We do not honor our invaders.
          Or celebrate losers.

  14. Not buying anything related to nascar anymore or watching it ! Will just go to the local races and if they pull this crap will just not attending any

  15. The leftist “New American Taliban” has taken over. Our only recourse is to stop giving them our money

  16. I think Buba Wallace has skidded out of control and hit the fence. He’s out!
    I am fed up with this ‘Black Lives Matter’ BS.
    They should have the integrity and decency to change it to “ALL Lives Matter” which is a mantra that we ALL can be proud of.
    For me, Black lives matter as a slogan is about as racist and bigoted as it can get— do the organizers think it is ‘inclusive’?

    • I agree Bobert, the slogan itself is as racist as you can get. Can you imagine the stupid outrage if there was a “White Lives Matter” thing going on? Typical dumocrap thinking…….do as I say and not as I do.

    • How many times has Bubba Wallace been pulled over, run through, nothing found.
      Does that happen often to you?

      You may be surprised to hear the Bubba’s take on raceism is different thatn yours.
      Walk a mile in his shoes.
      Stay the hell out of White neighborhoods.

  17. Hope ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter and all of the other anti-American socialist groups NASCAR is pandering too can fill their stands and watch their anti-white races on TV. Because they just lost one major group of fans forever. Brian France is a worthless anti-American hypocrite. Those that fail to learn from history are bound to repeat it with all of its failings.

    • Those that fail to learn from racist history are bound to repeat it with all of its failings.
      There will be blood in the streets until the chocking tol death unarmed Black men is brought under control.

  18. Big mistake NASCAR you’re completely out of line I can’t believe that you’re bowing down and taking a knee to This Racist BLM movement I was brought up that all lives matter the golden rule is what I was taught growing up + respect for everyone I have so many friends relatives that fought and died for our flag now you guys want people kneel on it burn on it unbelievable and you agree with it all of my family friends and my 90 dad are done with NASCAR fill the stands with your BLM people

  19. Good By Nascar. My Wife and myself have been life long fans. But not anymore. You have showed your true color, green as of money. Shame on you for betraying your fans. Goodbye.

    • So Nascar is going loose yet two more old White racists.
      You will not be missed.
      You will be replaced.
      By the 20 – 40 multicultural demographic.
      It is the future of America
      Ta ta turdo.

  20. My wife and I have been NASCAR faithful since the early 1950s. Both our families have too. No more. We have watched our last race. Sorry to say goodbye, but now this gives us more time to go to the firing range. Looks like we might need it.

    • You aged out of Nascar,
      Their target demographic is 20 to 40 year old males.
      They don’t want to see a bunch old fat dumpy people waving their nasty little racist flags.

  21. Now when the Confederate flag is something different than what is normally flown or displayed. Now the one displayed or flown by adminers is a Confederate Infantry Battle Flag, not the Confederate flag as adopter in 1861.
    Now that like a lot of other monuments is one of the most unusual things in history, Now when in any country in any place in the entire World, when they had a Civil WAr or any other conflict were the loosers allowed to install monuments and fly the flag by the loosers to their hero’s, this is unheard of but allowed t o be done to control the black population which even the North had little use for, and the only reason the slaves were free was as punishment for leaving the Union. Now since slavery and anything to do with the former slaves, up until about 1964 was controlled by the Conservative Movement which is still trying to marginalize the black population of this USA. Now I do think that this is a wake up call for not just the USA but for every Country in the Free World. Now NASCAR knows which side their bread is buttered on and without their sponsors there is no NASCAR, so they like FOX news sees the writing on the wall, and will do what it has to do to keep those sponsors who spend a lot oif money to support NASCAR.

    • “Now when in any country in any place in the entire World, when they had a Civil WAr or any other conflict were the loosers allowed to install monuments and fly the flag by the loosers to their hero’s,”

      Do you mean the monuments to Hitler?
      How about Stalin?

      How about any country?

    • Which Nascar sponsors do you think want to see Confederate Flags on their cars?
      Kentucky Fried Chicken is a given but do you see any banks wanting it?

    • So no one in this country should fly a German, Italian, Japanese or British flag, right? No matter their heritage. After all, we beat them all; and more. Hearing Wallace talk about the bad memories the Tennessee Battle Flag brought up in him made me laugh. Slavery was abolished over 150 years before he was born. He’s a mediocre driver at best and needed something to boost his presence. The last 2 races the announcers focused more on him than anyone else. Since the rioting started he started his rise to “power”. Was he the only one who had medical issues after Atlanta? NO; but where was the focus? I could go on, but apparently my Sunday afternoons will be sports-free now. Just like the NFL (Chargers can’t fill a 25K seat stadium in LA?), NASCAR has shot itself in the head.

      • When you say the German flag which one do you mean, the official flag from 1935 – 1945.
        The one with the big Black swastika on it?
        The worldwide recognized symbol of White Supremacy
        Waving that flag in Germany will get you jail time.
        As should be the waving of the Stars and Bars.
        They both are symbols of a dying breed, the White Supremacists.
        The vast majority of the 20 – 40 demographic ain’t buying your racist fecs.

  22. This is very SAD!!!!!
    What’s next for NASCAR, kneeling during the National Anthem?
    Did they get their advise from Roger Goodell, or go to the top of the Democrat Party, Nancy Pelosi?

  23. Okay NASCAR what’s next to be banned probably beer because that offends recovering alcoholics and people whose religion does not believe in drinking, watermelon and fried chicken definitely very racist, although every body I know loves and eats it, pretty soon the American flag will be considered racist by a small group some where, that will definitely not be flown anymore, where’s this going Nascar, good luck with your new fan base your going to need it!!!!

    • Do you support the four White cops in Minneapolis?
      Should the video be used in a training film on how to deal with uppity Blacks?

  24. You all have a Second Amendment Right to tell the LEFTIES to go straight to hell, Oh wait a minute, That’s your FIRST Amendment Right, then Use The 2nd one for any Left-Leaning commie, socialist who gets in your face and sez’ you can’t race no more!

  25. I am 78 and have been a NASCAR fan for almost 70 years. I will not bow down to terrorists foreign or domestic. As far as the flag goes, it’s part of our history. If everything gets stuffed down the memory hole, we will all be nothing but robots. I have fought for God, Country, family, flag, and freedom all my life. I will never attend or watch another NASCAR event, so sad.

    • Do you also know any of the Trump’s from ol’ Germany?
      (Remember that they changed their name to sound more American.)

  26. My dad was an early member of NASCAR as a driver right after WWII ended. My family went to NASCAR’s first Daytona race on the old beach course in 1948 driving my moms 46 Ford Woody wagon from Tennessee to Daytona. We knew a lot of the drivers from races around Ga., SC., NC., Tn. and other southern states. Red Byron won that race and I remember seeing Fonty and Tim Flock there before the race started. I have some photos from then. A lot of race memories from childhood on from those early days. I feel like it’s now time for me and the weak kneed directors of NASCAR to part ways.

    • It is time to part ways.
      Nascar is parting ways with old fat dumpy White Supremacists.
      They are Nascar’s sordid past, not it’s future.

  27. Just fly the white flag of surrender.
    If the confederate flag is so divisive, why is bubba allowed to have his car plastered with blm?

    • BLM is a symbol that says Black Lives Matter.
      The Stars and Bars is a symbol that says that slavery is OK.
      Do you see any difference?

  28. All they want to do is to remove all the old fat dumpy deaf cane wielding White Racists from their venues.
    It will make theri venues more attractive to non racists.
    Our society gets less racist every year.
    Nascar just took a long overdue step in the right direction.

  29. I am confused about the Confederate flag.
    I thought that Confederate States were about maintaining laws that would keep people in servitude.
    I have heard that they were completely decimated by the USA.
    They were losers.

    What does the Stars and Bars mean today?
    Is it the rallying symbol of old White racists?

  30. Well, if they truly don’t like racism, they should vote REPUBLICAN. Lincoln was a Republican. Not one Republican ever owned a slave. Not one Democrat voted for the Civil Rights Act. Democrats started the KKK and wrote the Jim Crow Laws that Hitler used as the basis for his anti-Jewish laws by copying them verbatim and changing Negro to Jew. So if you really do want to get rid of racism, Vote for anything other than Democrat!


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