President Biden To Give Midterm Speech In Front Of Capitol – Looks To Paint Republicans As Party Of Violence

Joe Biden will give a speech on “protecting our democracy” near the Capitol in Washington D.C. on Wednesday night. The president will speak at Union Station at 7 pm and will address “the threat of election deniers.”

White House senior staffers Anita Dunn and Jen O’Malley Dillon announced the speech at an Axios event on Wednesday, and specified that Union Station was chosen because of its proximity to where the January 6th riots took place. “On January 6, we saw violence geared toward subverting democratic processes there. So it is you know, it’s an appropriate place to make these remarks tonight,” Dunn said.

Biden’s speech comes on the back of a shift in Democratic messaging heading into the Midterms. Democrats have paired Paul Pelosi’s attack, which was carried out by an illegal immigrant, with the events of January 6th to paint Republicans as the party of political violence.

The left had been looking for a shift in messaging as they had beaten the issue of abortion to death, and the highly publicized Pelosi attack has provided them with just that. Dunn spoke further on the focus of Biden’s speech during the Axios event:

“[Political violence is] something that unites almost all Americans and that we can all be united against. And obviously, we’ve seen horrible things happen quite recently, certainly the speaker’s husband. But it’s from Capitol Hill because that is where there was an attempt to subvert our democracy,”

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