Sean Penn ‘Thinking About Taking Up Arms Against Russia’ Beside Ukrainian Fighters

By Elvert Barnes - originally posted to Flickr as March16.J27.UFPJ.WDC.27jan07, CC BY 2.0,

Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn is back in the United States after filming a VICE documentary about the crisis in Ukraine, but he’s considering going back to take “up arms against Russia.”

Penn, 61, recently told Hollywood Authentic that after trailing President Zelensky in Kyiv and filming citizen soldiers at the front during the early stages of the Russian invasion, that his “intention is to go back into Ukraine,” but he’s “not certain” what he can offer. 

The “Mystic River” star runs a non-profit organization, CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort), which is currently offering aid to Ukrainian refugees in Poland. He said that at some point, his NPO would “have to try to cross over the border to add to the resources that are so short for those still on the Ukrainian side of the border.”

He also needs to get more footage for his documentary about the crisis, but will be assessing “what kind of value” it will have for Ukraine’s cause. 

“People will argue this, and there’s a million debates that I understand, but long term, we don’t have any tangible evidence that documentaries really change anything,” Penn remarked. 

The “I Am Sam” star suggested that the only reason he would have stayed in the country longer is to take up arms against Russia. 

“The only possible reason … would’ve been for me to be holding a rifle, probably without body armor, because as a foreigner, you would want to give that body armor to one of the civilian fighters who doesn’t have it or to a fighter with more skills than I have, or to a younger man or woman who could fight for longer or whatever,” he remarked. 

Penn noted that it would “just not be honest” of him if he didn’t mention that being “fascinated by conflict” and wanting to know how he would “react” in a war influenced his own pursuits.

“So, where I am in life is short of [fighting], but if you’ve been in Ukraine [fighting] has to cross your mind. And you kind of think what century is this?” He questioned. “Because I was at the gas station in Brentwood the other day and I’m now thinking about taking up arms against Russia? What the f–k is going on?” 

In a recent appearance on Hannity, Penn claimed that a billionaire could end the war by supplying two squadrents of fighter planes.

“That’s about $300 million. One billionaire could pay for those planes if the NATO countries would let them fly in,” he explained.

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